Define Program Strategy


Go To Market Strategy

This is an initial study to assess the viability of the change program. The process is similar whether the objective is to improve productivity in an existing operation, by utilising different routes to market or developing new markets.

•Profile the end customer and (if relevant) potential channel partners; this can include identification of potential customer organisations by name.

•Definition of the relevant value proposition and key sales messaging to end users and channel partners.

•Appraisal of commercial and regulatory implications of market entry.

•Resources and organisation structure required to serve the market.

•Business plan and program roadmap for market entry.

Internal Change Management Initiatives

Similarly to the above, the first service module is a feasibility study. It is necessary to define the program objective and/or the problems that will be solved. Within this piece of work there will be an assessment of the current operating model and target operating model as well as a business plan, program plan and change impact assessment.